Iprimus Customer Service for emails not received

  • Iprimus is a leading telecommunication company providing various services like broad brand, internet plans and many more. Some of the users might face issues on receiving email on Iprimus. There are some possible reasons behind users not being able to receive mail in Iprimus are as follows.
    Incoming mail settings
    Incoming mail settings must be configured in order to receive emails. The configuration must be the exact same as provided by the company. The configuration for incoming email settings is listed below.
    • The outgoing server must be set as pop.iprimus.com.au
    • Port as 110.
    • Select no on SSL.
    • Enter your valid Iprimus email address and password. Make sure the login credentials are valid and match with each other.
    • Try sending an email to yourself to check either it is working or not.
    Check Firewall
    • Sometimes your firewall might block the connection. So, try turning it off and do configuration and turn it on again. Do not click on any random links or attachments while the firewall is turned off.
    These are some of the possible reasons and solutions behind the issue related to mail not receiving on Iprimus. If there is any kind of queries, then please contact the customer support center.

    More Info: https://www.auswebmailservice.com/iprimus-customer-support.html
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