Services offered by Bigpond Customer Support

  • Bigpond mail or commonly known as Telstra mail, is a telecommunication company providing email services. The Telstra Company owns Bigpond mail. The company also provides broadband internet services and IMAP accessing services so that the users can enjoy their subscription of email easily on cross platforms like mobile devices and computers. The services provided by the company are well known for their efficiency and reliability. The information of the customers is kept very safe and secure with the Telstra security wall. There is no major issue with the services, but customers report some minor issues from time to time.
    Some users might be unaware of the services provided by the Bigpond customer support. So these are the services offered by the customer support of Bigpond mail as mentioned below.
    • Account and Payment: To set up, view, and manage account and payment methods.
    • Product, plan, and services: To ask for or discover various services and products.
    • Technical Support: To get help for setting up, troubleshoot or manage the devices and services.
    • Feedback and Complaints: To give good or bad reviews.

    These are the services offered by the Bigpond customer support. To know more in detail, please contact the customer support center.

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