Bitdefender Antivirus for PC & Mac

  • Here comes a software which will be an application containing all essential real-time protection systems for users' devices. The antivirus will work for all kinds of viruses and ransomware. Users will not have to worry about a thing, the only process which users should be focused on is installing Bitdefender antivirus on their system. With Bitdefender users will be easily able to prevent harmful acts such as phishing and fraud which is now a day occurring online in the process of shopping online or browsing the web. Bitdefender also comes in with a secure VPN which will provide the user with complete online privacy, all the traces will be anonymous and the user can freely explore the web. If a user wishes to learn more about Bitdefender antivirus then kindly reach out to Bitdefender Customer Inquiry.
    The security software is available to use for Windows as well as Mac. Nowadays no device is safe, once there was a time when Mac used to be safer but now every other device requires protection.
    Bitdefender for Mac
    • Users will have to access their Bitdefender central account and head to My devices to install Bitdefender products on users devices.
    • Then the user will have to download the setup file.
    • Installer with being executed next where the user will have to follow the on-screen instruction.
    Bitdefender for Windows
    • The user will have to apply the same process as for Mac to download the setup file.
    • In Security, the user will be able to download Bitdefender on the user's device.
    • Then run the installer and select language to proceed further.
    • The user will then have to complete the installation process.
    With that users can install Bitdefender on their computer. For more on Bitdefender kindly reach out to Technical Support.

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