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The premier social network for filmmakers is here! Finally an online community where you can network with other filmmakers, producers, directors and more. Upload your video short, get noticed and connected with people who can bring your film to life. Create an actor profile and upload headshots. Buy or sell film equipment or search for film industry jobs via our job board. Keep up with the latest industry trends and news. FMSN is your one-stop shop for filmmaking.

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  • Pinkie Stotts Pinkie Stotts
    Pinkie Stotts Pinkie Stotts posted a new classified listing:
    • March 12
  • Guy Orlebar
    Guy Orlebar In this blog I’m sharing, I suggest ways to find a suitable artist for your movie project, illustrated with examples from my own engagement with [our very own Hong Kong resident] comic superstar Pat Lee - hope it’s of help!
    • March 2
  • Greg Turner
    Greg Turner has added a new profile photo.
    • February 28
  • Guy Orlebar
    Guy Orlebar Here’s something I posted last month on my blog which I’d like to share with you since it gives advise on doing fan-fiction to improve your writing skills and profile. This post was originally triggered by director Neill Blomkamp sharing some interesting ...  more
    • February 27
  • moviegoalie
    moviegoalie Writing and revising. 
    • February 25
  • Guy Orlebar
    Guy Orlebar Here’s a recent post from my blog which I’d like to share on how indie filmmakers can tap Hollywood talent - in this case on involving the phenomenal expertise and talent of a company like Weta Workshop (more
    • February 25
  • Sairaj Jatinder
    Sairaj Jatinder
    • February 19
  • Guy Orlebar
    Guy Orlebar A big hello to everyone at FMSN. I'm an indie filmmaker based in Hong Kong (More details on my blog at http://www.indiep...  more
    • February 17
  • Sairaj Jatinder
    Sairaj Jatinder cinematography and Direction
    • February 6
  • moviegoalie
    moviegoalie "Cirque Du Lament" is being completely revised which means script rewrites which means pre-production will now begin in April instead of March. 
    • February 4
  • Uday Bangali
    Uday Bangali This is a Bengali Language Experimental Short Film. You can enjoy it on Youtube.
    • January 30
  • moviegoalie
    moviegoalie I have changed the name of my anthology web series to "Cirque Du Lament". Production of Season One will begin in March.
    • January 1
  • Eric Roach
    Eric Roach Tune into TVPBN we offer a platform fro filmmakers to showcase their films.  
    • December 28, 2014
  • Videvo
    Videvo posted a new classified listing:
    • December 5, 2014
  • Ethan Ahlin
    Ethan Ahlin has added a new profile photo.
    • November 21, 2014