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The premier social network for filmmakers is here! Finally an online community where you can network with other filmmakers, producers, directors and more. Upload your video short, get noticed and connected with people who can bring your film to life. Create an actor profile and upload headshots. Buy or sell film equipment, enter your video short in our monthly contests and win prizes. Search for film industry jobs via our job board. Keep up with the latest industry trends and news. FMSN is your one-stop shop for filmmaking.

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  • moviegoalie
    moviegoalie Working on my horror short which is now called "Double Exposure".
    • June 25
  • moviegoalie
    moviegoalie Hoping for some good news that will allow me to get my next project "Studentzin" up and running.
    • June 17
  • moviegoalie
    moviegoalie Updating all my sites with my new production company Cinemastition.
    • June 10
  • moviegoalie
    moviegoalie Still on financial hiatus for my projects. In the meantime, I will be directing a new short "Knock at the Door" (horror short inspired by "The Twilight Zone" TV show) which will be virtually non-budget. Can't wait!
    • May 19
  • alifmustaqim
    alifmustaqim anyone needs any service?
    • May 17
  • jerrywalkermedia
  • ubangali
    ubangali I am here.........
    • May 12
  • moviegoalie
    moviegoalie Lovestition" and "Lovestition 2" will be submitted to the 2014 Broadway International Film Festival - Los Angeles for consideration. Still in pre-production for "Studentzin" and "The Theater Hopper".
    • April 30
  • benmgreene
    benmgreene here is another video
    • March 24
  • benmgreene
    benmgreene here is one video I did for a project in school
    • March 24
  • benmgreene
    benmgreene I am a aspiring film maker looking to make connections in the industry as well as looking for advice on how to jump-start my career
    • March 24
  • DanielRyland101
    DanielRyland101 posted a new video:
    Encounter, a science fiction short film shot,directed,edited,wrote,produced by Daniel Ryland. Edited in Adobe Premier CS5.5. Short with a Nikon D3100. Music by The Session. Actor George John Ryland Jr
    • February 27
  • ghettosouljah
    ghettosouljah I am writing and working on my first FILM.. Any film makers, writers, producers or directors out there want to collaborate, so that together as a TEAM we can create and make one of the most greatest films for the WORLD??? are  you ready?? SEND ME A MESSAG...  more
    • February 23
  • allisonconnelly
    allisonconnelly I AM LOOKING FOR A PRODUCER/DIRECTOR WHO WANTS TO WORK ON A SERIES WITH ME I have a pilot that I want to make into a t.v./web series.  If any of you or if you know of any serious producer/director that would be interest please let me know immediately.
    • February 21
  • allisonconnelly
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